Phase 10: World Tour

Phase 10: World Tour

By Mattel163 Limited

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-10-12
  • Current Version: 1.0.26
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 281.50 MB
  • Developer: Mattel163 Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.79936
From 123,637 Ratings


Finish a Phase in the newest rummy inspired game from the creators of the UNO! Mobile app. It’s the competition which has brought friends and families together for over 30 years. Now, it takes you around the world! RUMMY WITH A TWIST Race to complete each “Phase” and stay ahead. Every Phase has its own sets of cards to collect. When you have your sets, throw them down for everyone to see. The Phase is finished! HIT IT Leave your opponents in the dust! The round ends when one player gets rid of all their cards. Players who can’t finish the Phase start over and try again. Everyone else tackles the next challenge. SMARTER EVERY DAY Train your brain with new challenges on every level. Watch carefully for patterns and outwit the game. Unlock new rules to explore and solve. BLAZE A TRAIL Travel the world in Journey mode! Play offline and blaze a trail through increasing challenges. Use Power-Ups to get an edge and win rewards! AROUND THE WORLD Explore faraway places! Phase 10 tours from the comfort of a Pacific paradise to the chilling extremes of the North Pole. Compete with others online and be part of the international community. PICK YOUR PLAY STYLE Keep things fresh by playing in a new arena every game. Take a trip to the London Walk or the Arctic Cabin. Every arena has its own number of online opponents and phases.



  • Giving me the biggest Headache

    By Happyabridger
    Here are some problem I have -The tutorial is annoying and slow. I am also a fast reader so it annoying it takes so long for the okay button to show up This game doesn’t need a tutorial since it is easy The ad are really trashy and lying(here a hint don’t trust ads that say if you play it, you will earn money in real life)
  • Can’t stop

    By aprilb4june
    This game is so relaxing and fun. Little skill and a little luck!!!!
  • Can’t win

    By wb3945
    I have watched ads for ever it seems and decided to play. Started out ok then I have spent the last several days on a level that it’s apparent I am not going to win. I finally deleted it. I can appreciate not winning every time but normal odds would be against the fact I never win. I assume it is set that the only way to win would be to spend money for power ups. Unfortunate but I get it. Out to make money. I also agree when I am on level 2 and all the computer players are on level 6 it’s wrong that I can’t forfeit and at least start over. Can’t even post my comment because it is making me do a nickname that are all taken.
  • An idea

    By DevineeeeeBaby
    I love the game I love playing I play every day but I think we should be able to buy diamonds with our coins because we have so much coins like every couple thousand we can get maybe 20 or so diamonds or something like that because the coin just be sitting there have over 17,000 coins for no reason playing it with the multiplayer and the coin arena is not enough.
  • To many adds

    By TopCatEAO
    Game starts out a decent game ads periodically then after each hand. I force close the app after each hand just to escape. Ads are also full screen and won’t populate the “X” without prompt. I end up in the App Store constantly.
  • Why?

    By idgaffaseg
    How does it make any sense for the computer to constantly easily beat me in the actually tour? That’s not fun. That doesn’t make me want to play it. I get loosing to actual people on the multiplayer, but seriously? And the crappy energy? Why add that unless you don’t want the game to even be played? And why force me to use the card boosts every game. Like you make me actually double check that I have clicked to not use them. Like let me click to choose them, don’t make me click so I don’t use them.
  • Can’t turn off tutorial

    By Beitzh
    I love this game but deleted it because I can’t find a way to turn off the tutorial and it comes on every time you open the app. Extremely frustrating especially since I already know how to play the game
  • Fun but games rigged

    By rkurcon
    This game is A LOT of fun but I’ve been stuck at level 15 because you have to beat the computers (who just so happen to beat each round on the first hand) to move on. Totally rigged and just annoying trying to get past cheating computers
  • Super unfair/ads are insane

    By zZsPaDeZzzzz
    I love Phase 10 but this makes me not want to play, I activate all my boosters so I can go ahead and then the computers both go out and I get slammed with negative points, because I dont even get to play at all. And then I lose all the boosters that are hard to get in the first place. Everything in this game seems unfair, because the computers are always skipping you and going out before you even have a chance to play. I think a good idea would be, having every player at least play 1 time before they can go out. It’s frustrating because you can’t move on because you always seem to come in 3rd. On top of all that, the ads are absolutely ridiculous, 30 secs to a min each almost every hand. I spend more time watching ads then playing.
  • Glad I’m not the only one

    By Geophriii
    Issues after a week with the game: Computers all start with at least 1-2 wild cards. Typically more. And the user gets a wild every 4th or 5th round unless you pay to get more. Each level after the opening 7 or so takes at least 2 tries to win. Annoying that each phase of each level costs 5 energy. How do you build a game with that structure and expect long term usage. I can get on and get through 2, maybe 3 levels(typically playing the same level over and over to beat the computers) before I have to wait 25 min before playing 1 phase again. Easy to forget about the game you downloaded to unwind after working all day when you can barely spend 10 minutes playing. How does it still cost energy even if I win the phase or the level? The stars are the only gain from beating the levels but you win enough energy to maybe play through 1 more level after gaining 15 stars. I get the point of putting out the game is to make money but it’s hard to imagine this structure maximizes your profit potential. The ad revenue can’t be enough to support the game because the average use time can’t be very high. Also, the value of the store items is not worth the buy. $1-1 extra round(10seconds-2 minutes), $3- maybe 1 extra level(5-15 extra minutes maybe??). I’ve lost thousands playing slots in Vegas and my regret on the $4 I spent in this game outweighs my losses in Vegas. I thought people were crazy for breaking their phones from dying in Flappy Bird back in 2013, but, because of this game, I understand their frustration.